A Local Plan for Droitwich Spa - This was created 10 years ago!

Page updated 28 Oct 2018

The Vision - A More Sustainable Community - The Old Town Plan Isn't Finished Yet!

Could much of it surface in a more forceful Neighbourhood Plan? See here

Droitwich SpaThe vision for the Droitwich Spa Town Plan is for a more sustainable community.

This means maximum self-sufficiency in all services and facilities so that the town has the infrastructure and sense of community to support the current and future inhabitants of our town. We want residents to enjoy living here, to be satisfied with their lifestyle, take part in activities and be proud of the town.

We want the town to have a desirable image which makes people aspire to live and work here or just come and visit.

The following documents are in Adobe PDF format.

Town Plan 2010 Supporting Document

Droitwich Spa Map

64 Ways of Improving the Look of Droitwich Spa

Art in Droitwich Spa