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You can find the participating businesses here (also from the menus "Living in Droitwich Spa" & "Business in Droitwich".


For more information on scheme members and the products and services available to you from around the town go here.

For participating businesses go here.

The Small Print
The winning card will be drawn on the last day of each month and prize vouchers to the value of £25 will be sent to the winner to be spent at any of the participating scheme members.

The references to business includes all types of member businesses which may include shops, services, the professions, commercial and industrial enterprises etc.

There may need to be amendments to the scheme and administration from time to time in the interests of efficiency and clarity for users. These will be notified on this page.

DEVOTION to Droitwich Spa Loyalty Card

Show your DEVOTION to Droitwich Spa by Shopping and Dealing locally. Please obtain a DEVOTION Loyalty Card from a supporting outlet and save your stamps to try for a win in the monthly draw!

Use our Shop and Deal search facility to see what you can buy and where you can buy it in Droitwich Spa.

Full detail of the scheme rules and participating businesses are shown below.

 AND SMALL  PRINT! (Amended 27 Jan 2014)


  • Obtain your loyalty card from any participating business.
  • Get a sticker on your card whenever you buy from a participating business (minimum transaction £1).
  • No more than two stickers per business per card. (Therefore minimum number of businesses is five on a card).
  • Post your card to us, or pop it into one of the collection boxes when it is full before the 25th of a month.
  • Prize winners will be drawn each month (minimum prize £25 shopping vouchers).
  • Get a new card from a scheme member and start all over again!
  • Post your cards to Devotion Loyalty Scheme, 4, Victoria Sq, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 8DS or drop it into one of the collection boxes at Visitor Centre Heritage House, Simply Furniture, Parks Café, or the St Andrew’s Town Hotel.

Participating Businesses - full list here.

Do you want increase your loyal customers? Then why not register your business or service and participate? Contact us!

Do you want to increase your loyal customers? Then why not register your business or service and participate? Contact us!