Hanbury and Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall

Hanbury is reputed to be Ambridge of the Archers radio programme fame. Several Archers weddings have taken place at Hanbury Parish Church with a tape of its bells often being featured.

Hanbury Hall is a beautiful William and Mary-style house built in 1701 by Thomas Vernon, a lawyer and whig MP for Worcester. Inside a mix of interiors await to be discovered, from the restored Hercules rooms and recreated Gothic corridor, to the recently decorated parlour and stunning staircase wall-paintings by Sir James Thornhill.

Surrounding the house are eight hectares (twenty acres) of recreated early 18th-century gardens and 162 hectares (400 acres) of park.

Features include the intricately laid out parterre, fruit garden, grove, orangery, orchard and bowling green. Park walks enable you to explore the surrounding countryside

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