A Service for Deaf Adults

A service for deaf adults is being provided by The Broad Group where deaf adults can have their own homes and can learn the skills necessary to live independently.

Mission Statement

To provide a service to deaf adults (with additional needs) who want to live independently, this service will educate and enable them to reach their full potential and ideal of living within their own home. The service has a dual functioning facility;

Clients are encouraged to form social networks of their own and enabled to access local facilities in order to promote their inclusion and build their confidence within society.

Clients of this service will be able to develop skills necessary for independent living over a period of time appropriate for the individual, when the client feels confident enough and has learnt basic life and safety skills they can be supported to look for their own flat within the local community with the option to have ongoing support from outreach staff.

Contact Details: Matt Dowling, Project Manager Tel: 01905 773334 Mob: 07595569134 web site