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A History Quiz about Droitwich Spa and the Locality

Over the years Droitwich Spa has been known by several names like Salinae or Saltwich and Droitwich so the reference to Droitwich Spa in questions may not be the name the town was known by in the time period to which the question relates.

These questions are for personal interest and amusement only. A Google search or other research may be required but it is hoped it will increase your interest in the history of the town. The questions are not in any chronological order. If you want to get together with friends in a syndicate, or even to exchange answers (did I say that?) it is up to you. It’s a bit of fun with a bit of research for a bit of local knowledge… will be amazed learning about the town in which you live!

1. What is the connection between the 1st Viscount Nuffield, the motor industry and Droitwich Spa?

2. What is the book Damn His Blood by Peter Moore about?

3. What is Droitwich Spa’s connection with The Gunpowder Plot?

4. Which Droitwich Spa MP had a connection with pirates of the Caribbean (and America) and was Governor of New York in the 17th Century?

5. How is Droitwich Spa connected to the American cattle industry?

6. How is Droitwich Spa connected with the founding of America and early democracy?

7. How can Droitwich Spa claim to be one of the leading towns involved in the founding of democracy in England?

8. When was the town first recorded as being called a “burgus” or Borough?

9. Which King granted the town its charter in 1215?

10.What did the king also have to sign in 1215?

11. In which king’s reign was the word “Parliament” first reputed to have been used?

12. How would Birmingham and the Industrial Revolution have suffered and possibly failed without Droitwich Spa and similar towns?

13. Who is the connection between Captain Benbow in the West Indies, the battle of Syracuse and Moroccan slaves?

14. What is unique in the world about Droitwich Spa salt?

15. When was there a Royal Mint in Droitwich Spa?

16. When did Viking King Canute rule over Mercia including Droitwich Spa?

17. In which king’s reign did Droitwich Spa begin to be a centre for the wool industry?

18. Which king regulated the wool industry in Worcestershire to five towns (including Droitwich Spa)?

19. Who was John Hemminges born 1556 in Droitwich Spa and why might the world not have heard of a famous playwright and poet without him?

20. Why was Droitwich Spa more important than Worcester and mentioned more times than any other town in England in the Domesday Book?

21. When was the great fire of Droitwich Spa?

22. Why did the Romans have a fort and villa in Droitwich Spa?

23. Where can a church window from the old St Nicholas Church dating from 1320 be seen in the town?

24. What was Lady Hindlip of Hindlip Hall suspected of doing?

25. Where was Judge Jeffreys reputed to have held court?

26. Where was Nicholas Owen the priest hole builder captured?

27. In 1695 who won a court case breaking the brine monopoly?

28. What number in Droitwich Spa High Street was a 14th Century town house?

29. Where during the period known as the War of the Roses was the Yorkist Earl of Warwick, Richard Beauchamp born?

30. St Richard was born in Droitwich Spa where did he become the bishop of?

31. In what year did Edward Winslow sale to America and in what ship did he sail?

32. In the Civil War which side attacked and destroyed Dodderhill Church?

33. In the Civil War which side tried to capture the Salt Pans?

34. In the Civil War Siege of Worcester in May 1642 who was in charge of the defence of Worcester, in the absence of Sir William Russell, and where did he come from?

35. What is the Monarch’s Way and why does it come close to Droitwich Spa?

36. Where is there a memorial to Captain Coningesby Norbury?

37. Where was Captain Norbury’s home?

38. Which salt family historically lived at Hanbury Hall?

39. In the reign of which monarch was the Old Cock Inn first licensed?

40. When was the Chapel on Chapel Bridge demolished?

41. When did the railway open in Droitwich Spa?

42. Where was the home of the historian Dr Treadway Nash?

40. Who is connected to medicine in Droitwich Spa and the founding of the British Medical Association?

41. What is the connection with Droitwich Spa and French furniture?

42. When was the Droitwich Barge Canal completed?

43. Who designed the Mosaics in the Sacred Heart Church?

44. What period is the Sacred Heart Church modelled on?

45. Who was the engineer who surveyed and designed the Droitwich Barge Canal?

46. Who was the supervising engineer for the Barge Canal?

47. Which Lord was a great Victorian Politician and MP for Droitwich Spa and lived at Westwood House?

48. Who replaced him as MP for Droitwich Spa and was also Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Merionethshire?

49. Where can you find an inland salt river and what is its name?

50. When was the Riot Act read in the town?

51. Where was the site of the most productive brine pit in Droitwich Spa?

52. Which local villages are connected to a long running daily radio programme?

53. Where were American troops stationed in Droitwich Spa during World War II?

54. Where were messages to the French Resistance relayed from in World War II?

55. Where was it proposed to set up a secret centre of government outside London in World War II?

56. When was the salt water lido purchased by the Borough for the Town?

57. Where were the “Big Swim” Brine Baths?

58. Why did Hanbury Forest decrease in size?

59. Who was the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer under Oliver Cromwell and where is there a monument to him?

60. When was Droitwich Spa High Street last flooded?

61. When was the Jubilee Walk around Droitwich Spa opened?

62. In which century was there a tannery in Friar St?

63. Who lived at Westwood House and fought for the king and the future Charles II in the Civil War?

64. Where was John Corbett’s Library donated and still held?

65. As a result of what event were the Coventry Alms Houses on The Holloway in Droitwich Spa built?

66. What railway route line first came to Droitwich Spa?

67. Name two people who have lived at, visited or crossed the threshold of Westwood House who have been imprisoned in the Tower of London.

68. Who left St Peters Fields to the town?

69. Who built the Royal Brine Baths in 1836?

70. What epidemic did people recover from after bathing in brine in 1823?

71. When was the building of what is now known as Chateau Impney completed?

72. Where was Salter’s Hall and what is on the site today?

73. Who was murdered on 1st August 1888 at Dodderhill?

74. The Droitwich Spa area has an important place in the history of radio. When was the transmitter at Wychbold opened?

75. The transmitter was designed to be more powerful and to replace the transmitter where?

76. How high are the two masts at Wychbold, (measurement in feet)?

77. Under which two Prime Ministers was Sir John Pakington Secretary of State for War?

78. When was the Droitwich Junction Canal opened?

79. Which Canals did the Junction Canal link to?

80. Who was the oldest woman to be sent to a British jail for refusing to pay business rates?

81. HMS Warrior the first iron clad warship was launched in 1860 and is now on display in the Portsmouth Maritime Museum. Who as First Lord of the Admiralty commissioned the building of this ship?

82. Who became guardian to the young King Henry VI and where was this person born?

83. Who was appointed to the Privy Council in 1852?

84. Where can be found a Grade II listed Dovecote in Droitwich Spa?

85. What was the birth surname of the 1st Baron Hampton of Hampton Lovett and Westwood?

86. In 1743 former Chancellor of the Exchequer Samuel Sandys was awarded what title?

87. On radios produced in the 40’s and 50’s Droitwich was marked on Long Wave at what metres?

88. Who was the Member of Parliament for Droitwich in 1802 that lived at Whitley Court?

89. What happened at Witley Court in 1937?

90. Who was the local heroine known as “The Lady of Mercia” who ruled the area from 911 to 918?

91. Which Droitwich Member of Parliament was made Lord of the Admiralty in 1730?

92. Fashion model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has an ancestor who was a Member of Parliament for Droitwich. What is the relationship and who was he?

93. When was the constituency of Droitwich abolished and by what act?

94. Which two future Presidents of the United States of America visited Worcester together and when?

95. Where is there a tree to commemorate this visit and what type of tree is it?

96. What is claimed to be the oldest newspaper in the world?

97. On 11th century coins where did the mint signature PICNEH suggest the coin was minted?

98. Where is a matrix of a Droitwich seal of the early 15th century held?

99. This is part of something written in 1786 “And do Englishmen so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for? Tell your neighbours and your children that this is holy ground; much holier than that on which your churches stand. All England should come in pilgrimage to this hill once a year.” Who wrote this?

100. Where was the Droitwich parish workhouse located?

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