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Page updated 30th August 2017

Business Forum

The Business Forum has not met for a considerable time, but we still circulate former members and contacts with any relevant news. It used to meet up to six times a year and was held at various locations throughout Droitwich, where likeminded businessfolk from the town and surrounding areas could meet and exchange ideas to benefit their own businesses and the community as a whole.

For Droitwich Spa Ltd has hosted and pushed the Business Forum for many years. The meetings were all extremely interesting and enlightening and always complimented by a variety of business driven presentations. We also had active participation from many Local Organisations in attendance as we endeavoured to champion local causes from both a business and community perspective.

At nearly all meetings representatives from the pro-active local councils were in attendance to listen, contribute and reflect.

If by any chance you run a local business and would be interested in rekindling the Business Forum, please let us know by using the Contact button

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Important: Please check your business details in the Business Directory and contact us with any errors/additions/updates.

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Wonderful presentation by Nigel Huddleston MP at last meeting

Our recent meeting took place on Friday 4th December at the superb Gaudet Luce Golf Club facility where a good turnout were treated to a great presentation by Nigel Huddleston, MP despite an extremely busy schedule.

Here was the agenda:

1) Welcome address by Keith Westray
2) Nigel Huddleston MP - his first 6 months at Parliament, work in the Constituency and roles on Select Committees
3) Richard Whittall - King George V Sports Association - Local Business opportunities in Sport
4) A very full Xmas programme presented by Janet Yates
5) Updates on various local issues and developments, Food Bank, Bob Brookes on Town Council's work as well as news on possible Brine Bath Project, Neighbourhood Plan/Town Plan discussion imminent with Town Council

Once more we had a real cross section in attendance ranging from Wychavon & Town Council representatives, Organisations & Clubs, as well as High Street & Local Businesses.

As mentioned in circulars……we are but custodians of a Business Forum trying to bring like-minded businessfolk together and where possible getting a collective voice heard in higher circles - all for the good of this great area.