Welcome to Droitwich Spa

Welcome to Droitwich Spa


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The last Town Council denied the legal rights of residents to have their say on local planning issues by suspending the developing Neighbourhood Plan.
The Localism Act 2011 was intoduced to increase local democracy for communities, but the Droitwich Spa Town Council has continually opposed this legislation. After the local elections of May 2019 we will see if the re-elected and new Councillors are still set against the legislation, the community, and local democracy. See the details by clicking "About Droitwich Spa" above and under "Future of the Town".

A referendum was held on the 2nd May and 5599 people voted for the Neighbourhood Plan and 940 against. The Neighbourhood Plan will now be "made" meaning it will become planning law. This ensures the views and concerns of Malvern residents, on planning issues, are being considered and increases local democracy as intended by the Localism Act 2011 and subsequent legislation to support communities.



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